KEGG & GO Enrichment Tools


Gene Ontologies (GO) provide a set of vocabulary to describe the biological process, molecular function, and cell component. KEGG pathway consisted from KEGG Orthology, which is a collection of pathway maps that manually checked and drawn. 


These tools provide hypergeometric static and q value statistic test for each GO term or KEGG pathway whether the sample gene list in this category is enriched or not. This based on the comparison of observed number of queried gene list in each GO/KO term and the expected number from the scale of background gene list. The result page shows the enrichment of GO term or KEGG pathway and the gene information according to summited sequences


Please enter sequences ID or GO/ KO ID to test enrichment

Please enter sequences ID or GO/ KO ID of the background (default background is the whole transcriptome or whole genomic RNA). The IDs in the sample and background should be correspondence, eg. B gene IDs from genome.

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KEGG enrichment analysis