Research associate


I am interested in the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of whitefly interactions with begomoviruses and plants as well as the interactions between cryptic species of the whitefly Bemisia tabaci species complex. To reveal the mechanisms underlying the various interactions, a multifaceted approach involving transcriptomics, metabolomics, reverse genetics and ecological methods has been applied. For the whitefly-begomovirus interactions, immune and metabolic response of whiteflies to the begomoviruses has been analyzed. For the whitefly-begomovirus-plant interactions, plant defense responses and insect detoxification activities have been investigated. For the whitefly mating interactions, previous work during my Ph.D. study revealed the asymmetric mating interactions between these closely related species. Currently, the role of sex pheromone in mating interactions between whiteflies is being studied. For the whitefly development, the function of ecdysone pathway genes has been explored using newly developed gene silencing method. In addition, to facilitate the molecular research in whiteflies and more broadly in hemipteran insects, I studied transcriptome of three whitefly species and salivary glands of whiteflies jointly with other members in our lab. Currently, I am also developing multiple methods of gene silencing in whiteflies.

I have been awarded the Distinguished Young Scientist Award by The Entomological Society of China and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem–China scholarship council joint scholarship in 2011.

As part of a strategic plan to promote long-term collaboration between this laboratory and the laboratory led by Professor Angela Douglas in Cornell University ( am currently working as Research Associate at Cornell, and I focus on whitefly symbiosis and reverse genetics


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