PAN Li-Long

Postdoctoral Researcher


My studies focus on the the molecular and physiological mechanism underlying the whitefly- virus interaction. Specifically, I investigate the role of midgut in whitefly transmission of begomoviruses, such as its role in determing the differential tranmsission of begomoviruses by different whitefly species and the mechanisms virus exploit to cross the midgut. Also, I investigate the role of whitefly in the etiology of the most important viral disease on cotton- cotton leaf curl disease as well as the mechanism involved. The aim of my study is to reveal the key mechanism underlying the spread and outbreak of begomovirus, thus providing reference for the design of novel control strategies.

I obtained my BSc degree in Plant Protection from China Agricultural University in 2013, and my PhD degree in Entomology from Zhejiang University in 2017.




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