PhD student

14-3-3 proteins constitute a highly conserved family of homo- and heterodimeric proteins present in high abundance in all eukaryotic cells. It was discovered that 14-3-3 proteins could activate enzyme involved in amino acid metabolism. In the following decades, 14-3-3s have been shown to be involved in many different signaling pathways that modulate cellular and whole body energy and nutrient homeostasis. Large scale screening for cellular binding partners of 14-3-3 has identified numerous proteins that participate in regulation of metabolic pathways, however, only a minority of these targets have been subjected to detailed studies. My research interest is to screen the 14-3-3s involved in the interactions between whiteflies in the Bemisia tabaci complex and their host plants.

I obtained my BSc degree in Agriculture (Plant Protection) from North West Agriculture and Forestry University in 2016.